November BOGO Special at Heinen's: Giavanna's Garden Garlic Seasoning

BOGO Garden Garlic Seasoning Garlic lovers gift Heinen's Product update

Gianvanna's Garden Garlic Seasoning BOGO at Heinen's

Happy November! Wait -- it's November? What happened to October? #timeflies

Before the rush of upcoming events and holiday gatherings, stock up on your pantry's best friend: My Giavanna's Garden Garlic Seasoning

Head to the sauces aisle of your favorite Heinen's location Wednesday, 11/3- Wednesday, 11/10 for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE special!

About Giavanna's Garden Garlic Seasoning

Love fresh ingredients but not the prep work? This flavorful mix of garlic and herbs in oil makes all food taste amazing without the work. So you can skip the chopping and spend more time making memorable meals!

Garden Garlic Seasoning is natural, vegan, no sugar added, and Weight Watchers- and keto-friendly. It's even ready to eat -- right from the jar!

Great & Garlicky Recipe Ideas

Head to my Recipes page for these and other meal ideas.

My Take on a TikTok Phenomenon 

Baked feta pasta took over TikTok and the rest of the Internet with it last spring -- and it keeps on growing! You can Google it and see versions with chicken or tofu and other variants.

What makes my version special is how simple Garden Garlic Seasoning makes it to cook. Serve up a flavorful, colorful dinner in no time. Get the recipe.

Super Savory Garlic & Herb Potato Side Dish 

What's your favorite carb: Pasta, bread or potatoes? I'll take all three. If you are looking for a potato side dish for a family gathering, you're in luck. A touch of Giavanna's takes these spuds to a whole new level. Get the recipe. 

For even more great recipes, check out the flyer below:


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