Hi, I'm Lauren Falcione aka The Blonde Italian. 

Headshot of Lauren Falcione

As a mom of Italian descent, busy raising two daughters, I loved cooking with fresh, natural ingredients. But it felt like all I did was run to the market to source ingredients, then prep & chop all day! I thought it would be nice to have these items on hand, ready to use at all times without the work. So, I created a seasoning made of fresh garlic, fresh herbs and vegetables in oil that I could use to make any food, meal or recipe instantly taste amazing! My oldest daughter Giavanna loved watching me cook and inspired me to make this product so I named it Giavanna’s Garden Garlic Seasoning in honor of her.

I continued creating more recipes using favorite ingredients, my next being a fresh, light tasting savory salsa to top baked potatoes, salads and dip chips. My youngest daughter Mia loved helping me make it so I named it Sister Mia’s Savory Salsa in honor of her. Using my daughters’ names was exciting & fulfilling!

Over the next three years I created many more new recipes and grew into a full line of sauces designed to make great tasting meals quickly. I wanted to package and sell these unique time and money saving sauces to other moms, dads and busy people wanting to make healthy fabulous tasting meals more easily. I wanted a brand name that would be easy to remember and spell. I looked in the mirror and presto! The Blonde Italian is what I saw--yep that’s me! My artistic/creative background of sewing and painting made designing my labels and food writing all the more fun!

I studied food safety and earned my license from The Ohio Department of Agriculture in a commercially licensed kitchen where I cooked many thousands of jars and sold them at a local farmer’s market and to small grocery stores. Just me! It was grueling, hard work but I loved every minute of it!

I will never forget my Inspector’s words: “You will be successful, I can see these sauces are cooked with love.”

Yes they are! Made with love…all for you!


Lauren Falcione aka The Blonde Italian