Picture of a baking dish full of cherry tomatoes and a block of feta cheeseTastier Than TikTok Baked Feta Pasta

My version of this TikTok sensation is simpler and uses Garden Garlic Seasoning for a fresh, flavorful dish.
Potato casserole

Perfect Potato Bake

This rich, cheesy potato casserole will have you asking for seconds every time!


Bowl of soup with chicken, greens and beans.
Easy Chicken and Greens Soup

 My Premio Simmer Sauce makes this a quick yet unforgettable meal.

Picture of bowl of pasta with sausage pieces on top, links to recipe for this dish

Crime in Italy Saucy Sausage Pasta

Using only a few ingredients, this quick and simple recipe will wow your guests. A dish this tasty yet so easy to make seems almost criminal.

Pasta Herb Soup Pasta Herb Soup

 Looking for a good soup to keep you warm on a cold day? My Pasta Herb Soup will do that for you! 

Savory Pasta Muffins as seen on Fox 8 New Day Cleveland May 10th, 2023