Again! Fox8 New Day Cleveland TV Show


Thursday September 3rd , see me again on Fox8 New Day Cleveland.  I'll be cooking the recipe on every label of my 'Crime In Italy!' Irish Infused Saucy Topping and showing more great ideas on how to use. Toasted pine nuts, mild banana peppers, bell peppers, Romano cheese & nutmeg give it a distinct flavor...and lots of it! It's a favorite!??  

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"Crime In Italy!"

New store alert! Why the name?

Thats a phrase I often heard my Grandma Lydia say in my childhood when something upset her..."Crime In Italy!" I imagined her saying that while I was creating this recipe of Irish and Italian blended flavors. She was all about keeping it Italian!  But I thought, Irish & Italians get along so well, so why not?  Toasted pine nuts, mild banana peppers, bell peppers, Romano cheese & nutmeg give it a distinct flavor. Made for Italian sausage - recipe on label- but also great on burgers & hot dogs.   It's a favorite! Now available at Chuppas Marketplace in Parma,...

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Recipe Card For My Giavanna's GARDEN GARLIC SEASONING

Product attachment

For those who did not get my instruction / recipe card with purchase, here's a shot of it! Grazie!

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Two Sauces From Online Only To The Store Shelf

Now available in Rego's Lake Road Market in Rocky River, Ohio

'Tom B. tomato-basil bruschetta'           12oz jar


'Crime In Italy Irish Infused Saucy Topping'                16 oz jar

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A New Sweet Spot For The Blonde Italian Sauces

New store alert!

Yum Yum Sweet Shop @ 1593 Main Street, Peninsula, OhioIts new! Yes, it's a candy store that carries my sauces and other savory goodies! A surprise at every turn! Activity rooms for children and a life size tree with a spiral staircase in its trunk! Relax in their quaint and charming outdoor seating area surrounded by a plush foliage setting. Stop in! The owners will make you feel welcome and comfortable! ***Dolce!***

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