Miles Market / Solon Ohio. Thank you Valerie!

I met this nice lady Valerie, who stopped in specifically to buy a jar of my garlic seasoning at the urging of her co workers. So sweet! I was so happy to be there for her!

My Giavanna's GARDEN GARLIC Seasoning on sale through June / 2.00 savings. Recipe card with 33 step by step ways to use attached to every jar.

My Crime In Italy Irish Infused Saucy Topping is on sale as well / 2.00 savings. Every jar has a recipe using Italian sausage on every label. It's also great on burgers, brats, dogs & grilled eggplant


Find all of my sauces in the pasta area of the store -as always- but also in the produce area while on sale through the month of June.Appreciative!

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