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The Blonde Italian

Garlic sauce full size original 'Giavanna’s Garden Garlic Seasoning' / 2 Jar Set / Shipping Included.

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This is the original recipe that started it all! Fresh garlic, fresh herbs in a blend of oils that include extra virgin olive oil to add even richer flavor
Named after my daughter Giavanna. She inspired me while I was creating this shortcut to great flavor. I love using fresh ingredients in my cooking but felt like all I did was source, prep & chop all day! So, I thought it would be nice to have those ingredients on hand, ready to use at all times without the work!
Presto! I created this unique shelf-stable product.

Skip the chopping, use a spoon of this instead! Cook / roast in it, marinate in it, add to sauces, soups and dressings to enhance flavor. Baste before & after grilling meats and vegetables. Make it taste like you love to cook, when you use this seasoning. Flyer shown below with recipes / how to use included with every purchase. (most are printed on label as well)        

This kids & teens favorite will be your kitchen staple!

use or freeze within 6-ish months of opening

unopened: keeps 3 yrs in pantry