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Banana Pepper Sauce Crime in Italy Irish Infused Saucy Topping 2 JAR SET / Shipping Included

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Irish and Italians get along so well…I thought, why not infuse Italian flavors with a little Irish spice! "Crime In Italy!" is what my Grandma Lydia would say! That was her favorite curse phrase, which came to mind when naming this sauce.

Banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, fresh parsley, Celtic Sea salt & touch of nutmeg give it a distinct flavor and irresistible aroma. It’s a favorite!

I’ve created this to pour over cooked Italian Sausage {recipe on every jar} and for use in sandwiches, burgers, brats & dogs.

Use or freeze within 4 weeks after opening; unopened: keeps 3 yrs in pantry.

Click on 'RECIPES' tab to view pasta & sausage recipe

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