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$ 45.00

Not sure which to try? Try this variety box of 4 favorites.

Box contains full size (16 oz) jar of my original garlic herb seasoning 'Giavanna's Garden Garlic Seasoning'. Makes all foods taste amazing without the work of sourcing, prepping & chopping fresh ingredients. Flyer with recipes / instructions shown in picture is included with every order.

Family size jar (32 oz) of cult favorite 'Mother Everything Sauce' for pasta, chicken, vegetables and pizza. Picture of jars shown.

16 oz jar 'Premio Simmer Sauce' deep rich flavored herb-tomato sauce for seafood, chicken, mussels & zucchini planks & spirals. Picture of jars shown.

16 oz jar 'Crime In Italy Irish-infused saucy topping.  Banana peppers, bell peppers, fresh parsley, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, Romano cheese and touch of nutmeg. Made for Italian sausage (recipe on label) also great on burgers, brats & hot dogs. Picture of sauce inside of jar is what's shown in last picture.