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New for 2017: Since I've helped so many brides to be and newlyweds with their cooking dilemmas...Bridal Starter Kits with sauces/seasonings(not a husband, have to get that on your own) to save you time, money -and stress- in the kitchen. Your spouse will think you love to cook and are great at it! Stay tuned! They'll be available online and at Crocker Park, Westlake spring 2017
Thank you for visiting. I'm here to share my favorite things with you! 
I have created a line of quality sauces designed to...make it gourmet in minutes! 
Each sauce has recommended uses /recipe on it's label. 
Check back often for new sauces & salad dressings. 
The new page additions will feature some of my new, original design, handcrafted creations.
More of my favorite things, all for you!